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Best Flowers for south Indian Wedding Garlands

As a pioneer in wedding garlands in the USA, We understand that when planning for a South Indian wedding, there are several factors that one needs to take into consideration, and choosing the right flowers for the garlands is one of them. In this article, we aim to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the best flowers for South Indian wedding garlands.

Approach to choosing Wedding Flower decorations and Garlands:

  1. Consult: Discuss with the florist on the colors, flower choices, and measurements. A good florist can suggest various options and make your wedding a memorable event
  2. Design: A florist designer should draft a sketch for unique garlands for their floral team to meet the customer’s expectations.
  3. Make: Make Garlands as per the design
  4. Quality: Ensure flowers are high quality and packaging is very vital to keep the flowers fresh during transportation.
  5. Deliver: Deliver to customers on time.

Rose Petal Garlands: One of the most preferred wedding garlands among South Indians due to the various colors that suit the bride’s saree color and design. Choosing the correct colors of Rose petals for garlands is vital to make an event more elegant. Ex: Though we have many collections on our website, most of our customers would like to make a unique design/style for their wedding. We offer a free consultation to make our customers wedding a grand event.

Discuss wedding style, Color choices, and flowers – It would be more elegant to add other various flowers in rose petal garlands to enhance the garland look.

Lily Garlands: Lily garlands are otherwise called Tuberose or Sampangi Garlands. It is an alternative for Rose Petals Garlands if you prefer white or more fragrance. Lily garlands can be designed along with Rose petals, Dhavanam, and other flowers to make them very attractive. While choosing lily garlands, Please ensure that lily garlands are made for the wedding style and not for the pooja style since the wedding style needs flowers to be kept very close while making garlands to provide more elegance.

Marigold Flowers: Marigold flowers are a staple in Fresh Indian weddings and are considered to be a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. These flowers are available in a range of colors, such as yellow, and orange, making them an ideal choice for strings for decoration

Jasmine Flowers: An Elegant Addition to Fresh Indian Wedding Garlands. Mullai Garlands are made with Jasmine (Mullai). We would recommend adding rose petals little contrast to the dressing to make the garland more beautiful. A good florist can help you to choose the right color and design. Jasmine flowers are another popular choice for South Indian wedding garlands. These flowers have a fragrance and are available in white and light green colors. The delicate nature of the Jasmine flowers makes them an elegant addition to the garlands, and they are often used in combination with other flowers, such as roses and marigolds.

Loose Flowers: Button Roses and Paneer roses are commonly used Loose Flowers used In South Indian Wedding Ceremonies. Few prefer Lily (Tuberose or Sampangi) due to their fragrance,

Lotus Flowers: A Symbol of Purity and Beauty in Fresh Indian Wedding Garlands Lotus flowers are a symbol of purity and beauty and are often used in South Indian wedding garlands. These flowers are available in shades of pink and white and have a unique fragrance. Lotus flowers are delicate and beautiful, making them an ideal choice for wedding garlands.


In conclusion, choosing the right flowers for Fresh Indian wedding garlands is essential to make the ceremony special and memorable. Jasmine, Rose Petals, Roses, Baby breadth, Lotus, and Tuberoses are some of the popular flowers that are used in South Indian wedding garlands. Each of these flowers has its unique characteristics, which can add to the overall charm of the wedding ceremony. We hope this article has helped you in choosing the best flowers for your South Indian wedding garlands.

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